Know your customers, make use of added value, avoid warnings!

München, 01. April 2011

In case you have not been using a web analysis tool so far, we would encourage you to start utilizing one now.

It helps improve your websites, detect aborted orders, understand your users, determine conversion rates and comes with a lot of valuable information for your marketing.

In the past, the specialized press has been reporting frequently about the use of tools for market analysis in relation to its incompatibility with German data protection laws. The "Unabhängige Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein" (ULD - Independent Regional Center for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein) has confirmed this via technical analysis. However, the ULD has not only found out what does not work, but also points out a possible alterative: Piwik.
For this reason, we have examined this open source tool and have come to the conclusion that is a valid alternative to other analysing tools. We integrated Piwik into our software. You can use this tool immediately from now on!

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