Why Upline?

Why Upline? Using MLM software

Your intricate direct selling or network marketing processes become simple with the use of the well-tried and seasoned software solution Upline. Reduce the complexity of the numerous business challenges you are facing every day!

This means: create more precious time for you and your employees!

Put your software provider to the test by asking the following questions:

Ask for reference projects and talk to your provider's clients.
Public registers like the Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) or private enterprises conducting business analyses supply valuable information regarding the credit rating of a company - e.g.: has the capital stock been paid in full or how do the company results change from year to year.
Meetings in hotel lobbies or airports may be convenient. And having people visit you on your premises saves you time and travel expenses. Nevertheless we encourage you to take the time to visit your software provider. Find out on the spot who these people are and how they work!
Potential customers tell us that some software providers offer only mobile phones numbers for their contacts. If you cannot reach them on their mobile phone, you will not reach them at all. When your contact's holidays coincide with system failure, this can quickly lead to a serious problem.
Ask how to modify the price, discount rate or shipment mode of your order! Of course this option will only be granted to users with certain privileges. It is nevertheless a necessary function and should be available!
Ask how to cancel an invoice or produce a credit note! Some systems do not provide this function.
Ask how the system handles different currencies! This is totally unnecessary if you know you are never going to bill in Swiss franks, US dollars, British pounds, Swedish, Danish or Czech crowns or any other currency in the world. But can you really categorically dismiss this option for the future?

In case you change your mind in this respect, please be aware that a currency is a dimension that cannot be simply added "on the go" to existing software.

Ask how swiftly the system handles a list of 100.000 entries or more!
If the system can handle these numbers swiftly as well as sort, export or even copy them into, let's say, Excel, you can be assured that your accountants, financial controllers or warehouse employees will also work well and efficiently with the system.
Ask how to change the text on a website in the integrated content management system (CMS)! Sometimes the answer will be that the CMS is its own system and not integrated. Why?
Which of your employees has the ability to initiate such changes in your system later on? And while you're at it - ask them to show you a different language version of the changed content.
Ask how the software handles credit card data. Can recurring payments such as subscriptions also be paid by credit card? Does the system live up to the strict requirements of the PCI-DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for credit card companies? Does the software have a PCI-DSS certificate?
Ask if and how the system checks the validity of the sales tax identification number. And whether it actually runs a professional check?
Ask whether the provider has any experience with tax systems that do not correspond with the value-added tax system. "Sales Taxes" are often calculated according to the recommended retail price. How does this work in China, Australia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Croatia or other countries?