Inventory management

Inventory management

Upline has integrated a complete inventory management system.

Upline has integrated a complete inventory management system that makes administration and order entry simple and reliable - it goes without saying that this also includes your distribution partners' commissions claims resulting from these orders.

Upline inventory management provides a fast and automated generation of order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes and cancellations.

Your company will benefit from this well-established system as your business procedures become noticably more comfortable and the workflow accelerates.

Inventory management has the following features:

Information can be added to describe each item, e.g. its product group, weight, customs tariff number, country of origin or tax group.

  • Product groups and product group hierarchies
  • Catalogues
  • Product translations
  • Retail prices

Order processing records all orders whereby the customer-specific data is extracted from the master data.

  • Orders
  • Order overview
  • Delivery notes
When recorded, text and price changes can be effected for each individual item. For instance, a single item that should be sold at a special price, can be extracted from the commission calculation. This procedure requires you to issue a user authorization for the responsible employee.

  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Commission credit notes (national and international)
  • Cancellations
Issuing international commissions' credit notes involves dealing with varying currency exchange rates, independent branches, different compensation and commission plans for every branch. Of course, the commission credit notes have to comply with the applicable tax laws. This is a challenge we are more than willing to take up on your behalf; we have successfully dealt with international commissions' credit notes on many occasions in the past.

Upline supports cross country sponsoring even across different branches. As soon as distribution partners work across borders, commissions will have to be transferred between independent branches. Upline takes care of this.

  • Administration of any number of pricing models
  • Administration of different forms of social and legal obligations
  • Administration of currencies
  • Administration of countries and regions
  • Language administration
  • Templates (complete freedom of design and layout)
Other providers allow defining arbitrary numbers of prices per product and defining individual costs for every country. This makes pricing very flexible, if you need it. But it makes for very high maintenance, if you do not need it.

Of course you can also choose this feature in Upline; however, we also offer a more elegant alternative: define several price models, e.g. "EUR - Western Europe", "EUR - Southern Europe", "CHF - Switzerland", "GBP - Great Britain" - as many as you require.

Your advantage: your pricing is controlled centrally and is therefore significantly simpler!

In your pricing settings you also determine whether calculations will be based on gross or net pricing models.

Prices are determined in combination with points or bonus points relevant for commissions and qualifications.

  • Warehouse stock
  • Reservations
  • Stock movement
  • Transfer of entries
  • Estimated availability
  • Printing of packing slips
You can manage as many warehouses as you need in Upline. Each warehouse is assigned to a branch office and structured in stockrooms, rows, racks and shelves.

Warehouse transactions are recorded individually. You can check the exact inventory for every product group at any time.

There are no limits in terms of expansion ( e.g. with mobile bar code scanners for a permanent stock control), sample-based inventory or processing of regular orders. Let us introduce you to Upline's sophisticated applications for this purpose.

Folgende weitere Module der Warenwirtschaft sind erhältlich:

  • Acquisition of goods
  • Administration of serial numbers
  • Administration of batch numbers
  • Warehouse quality controlr
  • Standing orders and subscriptions
  • Administration of returns
  • Goods on consignment
  • Virtual warehouse
  • Delivery of goods
  • Special offers
  • Acquisition of currency exchange rate from the European Central Bank (ECB)