Area search

In case you want to run a public webshop on your corporate website, but also want to allocate a distribution partner to every end customer, we recommend using the area search function.

When integrated on the webpage, the area search makes it mandatory for buyers to choose a distribution partner.

After entering the postcode or name of a distribution partner, the buyer can pick the distribution partner of his or her choice from a hit list.

This popular module makes sure you do not deter potential buyers and protect the advertising investment of your distribution set-up.

Google Maps API

The results from the area search can either be displayed in the standard format of a hit list or optionally in Google Maps™.

The number of search results depends on the defined search radius (e.g. 100 km). Google Maps points out distribution partners as "pins" on the map. Your location as well as the distance to the next distribution partner can also be displayed on the map.

Pre-Launch and pre-registration

You are new on the market and want to start out immediately?

You want to start building up a network of distribution partners and make contacts even during the pre-launch stage? Upline helps you to bridge the time gap before going live. Upon receipt of the pre-registration form we can connect a microsite allowing outward communication.