Upline Corporate Backoffice

upline-corporate-backofficeUpline Corporate Backoffice

Upline's Corporate Backoffice is what you and your employees work with on a daily basis.

It requires the installation of Upline Client on your computers. The client accesses the Upline server and databases via encrypted connections. The Upline server and databases are hostet in several "fire zones" at data processing centers certified by the German TÜV (Technical Supervisory Authority). They set themselves apart from mass-hosting providers in terms of quality, performance and variety of services.

Upline Client provides the following segments for the Corporate Backoffice:

  • Branches - one or more branches of your business entity
  • Master data
  • Statistics
  • Web – Content Management System (CMS)
  • Administration

The individual segments of the Corporate Backoffice themselves contain a variety of functions and modules that a central, modern and powerful company software has to provide.

Perfectly fitted functions in a well-arranged work environment facilitate a swift workflow for you and your employees. Information is retrieved fast and simple, no matter whether you are a small company or a multinational enterprise.

Due to its flexible modular design, Upline can be implemented by any direct selling or MLM company.

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