You are already operating several branches? You are planning to run further independent branches? Maybe legally independent or even competing entities? Or simply branches of your core company? No problem! - Upline is well prepared for it.

Every branch office is supplied with its own set of numbers for orders, invoices and commission documents. If you do not wish to move qualifications and commissions between branches, we will keep the data completely separate.

Software flexibility combines with the expertise of the development team are crucial in this respect! When your company has reached this stage and you are forced to transition to a new software, you will be facing an enormous obstacle. Good software should adjust to your company size – not vice versa!

Adminstration of Business Contacts

This feature records the details of your distribution partners, customers, interested parties or suppliers. You can also use it to distinguish between natural persons and legal entities.

Apart from personal and business data, you can also enter financial data, delivery stops, commissions' stops, tax scenarios, completed contracts and many other details. This is the area where you define the position of a person within the structure - of course without any limits regarding depth and width.

Language Administration

Upline can operate in any language - not just a predefined number of languages.

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese, Thai, Russian, Hebru, Japanese. Upline is completely UNICODE compatible, enabling you to communicate with your target market business partners in their respective language - even if the words are not written in the Latin alphabet or are composed in the opposite direction to English (right to left).

Language independence applies to all areas of Upline, e.g. the form you address your distribution partners in different countries, your business correspondence and of course the website.

Product specifications and desprictions can also be generated in any number of languages. This is an optional feature which can, but does not have to be used. All elements in Upline designed for multilingual use work with one "standard term" and an arbitrary number of language versions. This allows for expansion into new target markets without delay, but with full support where needed.

Working with Upline

Upline distinguishes between lists and documents. Lists can be evaluations you require for your daily business such as lists of distribution partners or reports. All lists can be printed with print preview, grouped in any order, sorted, aggregated or filtered.

All documents produced in Upline are generated by the Upline server in the form of PDF documents. Contract documents or invoices, for instance, will only be generated once and filed subsequently. This guarantees that all printouts are eqaul and cannot be altered. As an example: should you decide to change your invoicing form, old invoices remain unaffected. Thus, Upline warrants document authenticity which can be important in the event of external audits.

Of course a qualified signature can be integrated into this process or individual printers can be determined to allow printing of specific documents on specific printers or printer pools.

The following modules are also available:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM for the after sales sector)
  • Provisioning of services