Quality assurance

Quality assurance

You devised a compensation plan that fits perfectly to your product. This compensation plan serves as our script for customizing the features of the qualification and commission module.

Our experienced team implements the exact parameters you set up in your compensation plan. We run trial invoicing procedures to critically assess the quality of our implementation. We only stop improving once a completely accurate invoice has been produced.

Should we fail to reach this target, we do not charge for the effort expended!

When it comes to realizing a marketing plan, we have repeatedly experienced that there will be a lot of enthusiastic wording. Our team systematically combs trough the wording to reveal any ambiguous expressions or inconsistencies. This is a phantastic possibility to "validate" your compensation plan - an invaluable advantage for your business!

What's the point of quality assurance?

We believe that a key success factor is unambigous wording in your compensation plan. Your distribution partners will appreciate a transparent and fair compensation plan.
Our software developers use the compensation plan as a script for the qualification and commissioning algorithms. It should leave no room for interpretations. A consensus between our technicians and our customers is crucial for the successful introduction of Upline.

We adopt the following approach when introducing Upline or implementing alterations, extensions or amendments to your compensation plan:


Plausibility and creation of document: plausibility check


Close cooperation of plausibility check with the customer


Erstellung des technischen Implementierungsleitfadens


Creation of the technical implementation guide


Implementation in a test system and extensive testing





Here is an example of a realized project: the qualification criteria in the compensation plan demanded that "a minimum of 5 qualification points needs to be reached, of which 3 have to be generated from direct subscriptions".
This sounds precise at first glance, but actually contains unsolved questions and leaves room for interpretation:

  • The distribution partner himself has to sign three contracts.
  • The distribution partner has to recruit customers/distributors directly who conclude contracts themselves. The sum of qualification points resulting from these contracts has to be at least three.
  • The distribution partner has to recruit three customers/distributors directly, each of which have to conclude at least one contract.
  • Is the conclusion of the contract sufficient or is partial or full payment required?
Upon detailed discussion of these points with our customer, we managed to clarify that the second scenario represents the desired approach and that the contract conclusion without payment is a sufficient qualification criterion.

Your advantages from our quality assurance

  • Examination of compensation plan by neutral testing
  • Detection of ambiguous wording or illogical elements in your compensation plan
  • Safety-tested accounting