Besides interfaces with payment providers, Upline possesses a variety of further interfaces with third party software.

Interfaces with foreign inventory management systems

You are already using an inventory management system and do not wish to replace it with Upline. It is possible for the vast majority of all customer projects to individually create or at least extend interfaces with inventory management systems to include Upline in your work processes in an optimal way.

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Interfaces with financial accounting

Data relevant for financial accounting such as master data, billing data, data on commission payments or even exchange rates in Upline can be transferred to your internal or also external accounting via interfaces.

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Interfaces to illustrate cases relevant in terms of tax or social security

In Upline, sales tax is determined by examination of stock list descriptions and the storing country (=source) and delivery country (=target). The different tax scenarios of the invoice and goods recipients are also taken into account. We will help you to configure the parameters to determine each tax scenario.

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Other tax systems can be seamlessly integrated via interfaces. This even applies to the intricate American sales tax system where the tax calculation requires the exact address of the customer.
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We have already realized solutions for country-specific particularities regarding social security, e.g. in French départements with their own social security regulations. One of our partners in this respect is the provider „AKERTIS Informatique“.

Interfaces for obtaining currency exchange rates

Apart from the Euro as a joint currency in the Eurozone, there are different currencies within Europe, for example in England and Switzerland. Upline supports any decimal currency. Once a day, the 34 reference rates for the Euro are imported from the European Central Bank. This way, fair commission statement can be generated for distribution partners using different currencies.


Interfaces for credit checks

If you want to run credit checks for your German customers, Upline will provide you with solutions for Wirecard and Schufa (German Credit Protection Agency).

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Interfaces with other webshop systems

If you already run an established web shop system which you definitely want to continue without replacing it with Upline, we will provide an interface integrating it into Upline as smoothly as possible.


Interfaces with marketing software

Whether you require a professional newsletter mailing, downline reports, affiliate networks or the geographical position of your distribution partners or customers - Upline has the relevant interface for that purpose.

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